21CW Roster

You are viewing the roster for CoOp 1.

The following Soldiers have enlisted for our current campaign. Below you can see their assignments for the upcoming battles. Check out the competition!

2nd Infantry Division
Gen. Lightseeker
US Boot Camp
Pvt. ImAeru
Pvt. BFG-Odin
Pvt. IsMeTroy
Pvt. Biggster
Pvt. Icewolf
Pvt. slick8
Kampfgruppe Herz
GenLwff. Herz
German Boot Camp
Sdt. dsexton1975
Sdt. 21CW_Maddawg
Sdt. S1n31ra
Sdt. IzYFr4
Sdt. Yuear
Hog's Grenadiers
Sdt. Hog54