21CW Roster

You are viewing the roster for Campaign 50.

The following Soldiers have enlisted for our current campaign. Below you can see their assignments for the upcoming battles. Check out the competition!

1st Wehrmacht
General SilentKill1978
21st Fallschirmjäger
Private Hendrix
Private TechX
Private NiNeXXX420
Private dragonfister420
Private Spazmo
Captain Herz
2nd Panzer
Private SwampFox13
Private Yummy
Private BlackOps
300th Skijäger
Private Freshphantoms
Private xBrE3Esx
Private Madbest
Private Jamie
Captain Boccarossa13
36th Waffen
Private routaHHH
Private Slayerthrash
Private Hefty
Private realm
Private SlayerWasp
Private IzYFr4
Private roxi0n
Private Lunchbox-LoB
Private FlaviusPetrus
Private OGSmurff
Private Chief-LoB
Private Frenzee
Private Zexs
Private pewpiepiepewper
Private lncorgnito
Captain H4RP
55th Infantry Division
General Draznik
Birdcatchers (RSG)
Private Fatal
Private Scott_FPS
Private dsexton1975
Private Matiks
Captain Bond
Green Howards (10B)
Private Superfly
Private 0nly_tom
Private Cue-Ball
Private Alzkilla
Inniskillings (5B)
Private AceBallsmack
Private AJKI11A
The Buffs (9B)
Private S1n31ra
Private Webke
Private Hooves
Private Biggster
Private Hog54
Private Turbo
Private ImAeru
Private Terran
Private ACX-TheSource